Hong Kong stock market Morning report October 3: Sinopec plans to withdraw American depository shares from the London Stock Exchange Shenzhen Expressway plans to invest 10 billion to expand Jihe Expressway provider Financial Associated Press

Hong Kong stock market morning report on October 3: Sinopec plans to withdraw its American depositary shares from the London Stock Exchange and plans to invest 10 billion to expand Jihe Expressway

Hot spot collection

1. The central bank announced that, starting from 1 October 2022, the interest rate on the loan of the first personal housing savings fund will be reduced by 0.15 percentage points, and the interest rates of less than 5 years (including 5 years) and more than 5 years will be adjusted to 2.6% and 3.1% respectively. For example, if a provident fund loan is 1 million yuan, the loan is 30 years, and the repayment method is equal to the principal and interest, and the cumulative monthly payment of 30 years will be be reduced 29,500 yuan.

2. Recently, the regulatory authorities have encouraged banks to further increase credit in the areas of medium and long term loan manufacturing and real estate. Among them, in terms of medium and long-term loans for the manufacturing industry, 21 national banks are required to increase the medium and long-term loans of about 1.7 trillion yuan in the manufacturing industry from January to July, and encourage an additional 1 trillion yuan from August to December – 1.5 trillion yuan, and the growth rate of medium and long-term loans to the manufacturing sector of each bank will not be lower than 30% in principle.

3. Fed Barkin said that Fed officials have suggested that the FOMC will continue to raise interest rates. The Federal Reserve is “moving quickly” around tightening monetary policy, which will continue until US inflation eases. He favored a “slightly aggressive” rate hike to keep inflation under control.

4. A special meeting of EU energy ministers was held in Brussels, Belgium on September 30 to reach a political agreement on emergency intervention measures to lower energy prices, but failed to reach an agreement on placing a ceiling on natural gas prices. The European Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simsson, told a news conference after the meeting that the meeting did not take place because some member states saw a price cap on Russian gas exports, including LNG, as a form of sanctions No agreement was reached on this .

5. OPEC+ representatives said that when the OPEC+ group of oil-producing countries meets in Vienna on Wednesday, it will consider cutting oil production by more than 1 million barrels a day, and will not make a final decision on the scale the previous production cuts. ministers meet.

6. Tesla CEO Elon Musk launched the AI ​​Day 2022 event, and the prototype of the Optimus humanoid robot was officially unveiled. Tesla showed videos of humanoid robots carrying boxes, watering plants, and moving metal rods in a car factory.

Global Index

Major global indices in the last trading day

On Friday (September 30), Eastern Time, the fall in the market continued. The three major indexes collectively fell more than 1%, and all closed at the lowest closing levels since 2020. The three major stock indexes all this week, this month and the end of this quarter with a discount.

Finally, the Dow Jones index fell 1.71% to 28,725.51 points; the S&P 500 fell 1.51% to 3,585.62 points; the Nasdaq fell 1.51% to 10,575.62 points.

Among them, Hong Kong’s proportionally calculated stock ADR index rose to close at 17,190 points, up 25.35 points or 0.15% from Hong Kong’s close.

In Q3 this year, the Hong Kong stock market disappointed many investors. As of the end of Friday, the Q3 Hang Seng Index has fallen 21.16% to close at 17,234.45 points; the Hang Seng Technology Index has fallen by 29.16% to close at 3,450.24 points; the China Enterprise Index has fallen 22.88% to close at 04,913. points.

Company news

Sinopec Corp. (00386.HK): plans to delist American depositary shares from the London Stock Exchange

Shenzhen Expressway (00548.HK): About 12.987 billion yuan was invested in the reconstruction and expansion project of Jihe Expressway

NIO-SW (09866.HK): Delivered 31,607 vehicles in the third quarter, a year-on-year increase of 29.3%, setting a new record for quarterly deliveries

Medical Healthcare (02138.HK): Plans to acquire 60% of Pioneer Evolution for HK$36.4 million; to acquire 7.5% of Prime Inspire for HK$4.3755 million, increasing its shareholding to 77.5%

China Shipping Heavy Industry (00651.HK): Loss attributable to interim shareholders of HK$144 million, a year-on-year increase of 3.92%

China All Access (00633.HK): As of the end of June 2022, the interim revenue was 1.552 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 51.2%; the loss attributable to shareholders was 242 million yuan, a year behind. – a year increase of 106.5%

KWG Group (01813.HK): Completing September 2023 Note Exchange Offer and Agreeing to Seek and Issue US$636 million August 2024 New Notes

OCT (Asia) (03366.HK): There are plans to sell a 51% stake in Shanghai Shouchi Enterprise Management Co., Ltd.

China Resources Cement Holdings (01313.HK): Entered into a new strategic cooperation agreement with China Resources Land Holdings, and the annual caps of related transactions for the two years ending in 2023 are 150 million yuan respectively

COSCO SHIPPING Holdings (01919.HK): COSCO SHIPPING Logistics plans to transfer about 13.46% of COSCO SHIPPING’s supply chain to COSCO SHIPPING and the transaction price is 1.217 billion yuan

Tencent Holdings (00700.HK): Invested HK$353 million to repurchase 1.32 million shares at a repurchase price of HK$263.8-275.4.Tencent has repurchased a total of HK$10.556 billion for 30 consecutive trading days

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