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iKON’s Japan tour adds three more concerts

Sina Entertainment News South Korean boy group iKON will hold additional performances of the Japan tour in Osaka, Japan in October.

iKON’s agency, YG Entertainment, announced today that iKON will hold additional performances for iKON JAPAN TOUR 2022 in Osaka on October 22 and 23. YG Entertainment said that many local fans of iKON’s previous tour in Japan were unable to purchase tickets. to make up for the sorrow of these fans and to repay the support of the majority of Japanese fans to iKON, the members of iKON decided to hold a concert on October 22 and 23. Three additional concerts will be held in Osaka.

iKON has been very popular in Japan since its debut. In the year of its debut in 2015, it won No. 1 on the Oricon chart and won the Newcomer Award at the Japan Gold Disc Awards and Japan Disc Awards that year. Guo Mingdong / Text Copyright Mydayly Reprint Prohibited

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