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The Pokémon Company announced on October 6, “Violet Scarlet Pokemon]Latest video released. “Mane Shishiko” in the video seems to attract the attention of domestic and foreign users.

Various new elements will appear in “Pokémon Scarlet Violet”, the latest entry in the “Pocket Monster” series (hereafter referred to as “Pokémon”). When walking with Pokemon on the field, elements such as Let’s Go and Omakase Battle will appear. It will be a system that directs movement and automatically fights with wild Pokémon. In addition to many other new Pokemon, Pokemon from past works will also be participating. Wakajishi Pokémon Shishiko, who first appeared in “Pokémon X and Y”, will also appear. It is a lion-like Pokemon with Fire and Normal types, and it evolves into Kaenjishi by leveling up.

And in the latest video, a new element of “Pokémon Scarlet Violet” is unveiled in the form of this Shishiko. It seems to be attracting attention from both domestic and foreign users. The scene in question is around 2:50.

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In the video, the coach is seen carrying Kvass across the field. Kvass is the Water-Type Pokemon among the first three partners in this work. And Kwassu responds to the trainer’s Let’s Go, and starts an omakase battle with Shishiko. Omakase Battle is an automatic battle element introduced from this work. You can easily fight without getting into a command battle. In this Random Battle, Kvass continues to win without difficulty, due in part to his favorable type compatibility. On the other hand, it seems that users’ attention is focused not only on the free battle, but also on the obtainable item “Shishiko’s Mane” that is continuously displayed on the right.

A mane is long hair that grows thickly on the neck or head of animals (especially mammals) (from Wikipedia). The hair that grows on the front of the animal’s head. It corresponds to the red part of the head in Shishiko. The mane that symbolizes Wakajishi Pokemon. This part is called an “item”.

In this scene, it looks as if Kwass has torn the mane from the shishiko he killed. This video will appeal to domestic and foreign users.trembleApparently When it comes to Pokemon games, the creatures have been treated relatively respectfully, only on the surface. The ethos that trainers should not hurt Pokémon is a constant throughout the series. Despite this, an item with a mane of Shishiko has appeared. Some users are surprised at the idea that the defeated Pokemon is the material to leave behind, and some people compare it to the “Monster Hunter” series, where materials get removed from defeated monsters.

However, gathering materials in “Pokémon Scarlet Violet” does not seem to be such a hunting element. According to the official explanation, material items such as Shishiko’s mane and Colink’s fans in this work are “Pokemon missing items”. Catching or defeating a wild Pokemon appears to be an item that the Pokemon “accidentally drops”. Shishiko’s mane was not forcibly removed, at least at the scene, they dropped it carelessly. I believe the same about Colink’s tusks.

By the way, even in past works, there are items like Pokemon body parts like dragon fangs and sharp claws. It was possible to steal it with a Pokemon skill. Also, in “Pokémon Legends Arceus”, which is the previous work of the series, there are elements that drop sharp fangs and sharp claws when defeating wild Pokémon. In any case, items that appear to be Pokemon materials have been seen in previous works.

On the other hand, in this work “Pokémon Scarlet Violet”, each item was prepared as a material for each specific Pokémon, which could have given a somewhat dangerous impression. That’s probably why it gets so much attention from users. Again, the Pokemon drop such items unintentionally. Regardless of whether manes and fangs fall out of normal life or not, let’s work hard to collect Pokemon dirt.

In addition, Pokemon waste can be used to create a working machine. A move engine is a tool that allows Pokémon to learn moves. In this work, a device that allows players to create moving machines is said to have been installed in the Pokemon Center. Its name is “Waza Machine Machine”. It seems that you can create a special machine by eating the missing items collected by this machine and the cost of LP (alliance pay). LP can be obtained by advancing the story or exchanging with lost Pokemon items. In addition, the moving machine in this work seems to be a type of material.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet will be released on November 18th for Nintendo Switch.

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