Lee Hyo-ri ♥ Lee Sang-soon, still in love even after 10 years of marriage … late night date

picture explanationLee Sang- soon, Lee Hyori. picture| Sangsoon Lee SNS

Singer Lee Sang-soon and Lee Hyo-ri showed their unchanging affection.

Lee Sang-soon posted a photo on his Instagram story on the 13th without saying anything.

In the published photo, Lee Sang-soon and Lee Hyo-ri were walking together late at night. Lee Sang-soon wraps Lee Hyo-ri’s shoulder and moves close to him, drawing attention.

Even after 10 years of marriage, the couple’s affectionate appearance as newlyweds is stirring the excitement of viewers.

Lee Sang-soon and Lee Hyo-ri have been living in Jeju since their wedding in Jeju Island in 2013. Lee Sang-soon opened a cafe in Gujwa-eup, Jeju, and became a hot topic.

Lee Hyo-ri became a hot topic in January when she appeared on TVing’s original entertainment program ‘Seoul Check-in’. Lee Hyo-ri’s ‘Seoul Check-in’ will also be released on tvN. It will be broadcast for the first time at 9 pm on the 14th, which was delayed for a week due to the Itaewon disaster.

Hyo-ri Lee will also show a new program, ‘Check-in to Canada’, with producers Kim Tae-ho and Jeong Jong-yeon.

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