Momoko Ueda’s tips from Google search “Woods Major How to win”[Taith Merched Domestig LPGA]| GDO Golf Digest Online

◇ Domestic Women’s Major ◇ Japan Women’s Open Golf Championship 2nd Day (30th) ◇ Sumire CC Murarasaki Course (Chiba) ◇6839 yards (par 72)

Momoko Ueda, who finished 19th in the main “Japanese Women’s Professional Championship” three weeks ago, said, “I was in pretty good shape, but even this is not good.” Despite winning 17 tours, he returned home disappointed with major titles that were hard to come by.


After the championship, he wrote, “If you search ‘Tiger Woods’, ‘Major’, ‘How to win’ on Google, the most important thing for Tiger is to be in a good position on Sunday rather than winning which he was” . I got a tip from a legend who boasts 15 major wins overseas for men.

While the low score battle unfolded, on this day he stretched one position on the outside course in the first half and took a birdie at No. 10. On the par 5 12th, the third shot from a wedge went into the water and came bogey “To reach your goals, you have to persevere when the going gets tough.” He also bogeyed the 14th and 15th holes, but changed his mind dramatically and headed for the next hole.

On this day, which came out of even par, he went around with a “72” with 5 birdies and 5 bogeys, and returned to the weekend with a total of 4th even par. Although he missed the pro match for two days before the opening due to pain in the back of his neck, he went to the hospital in Chiba every day to make it in time for this tournament.

“I have strong feelings (for the majors), so I can’t be discouraged by such a small mistake next time. It was frustrating, so let’s forget about it.” As for how to capture difficult settings, he explained, “No matter what my condition was, I was always looking for ‘where’s the best shot?'”

In preparation for Mobile Saturday, when scores tend to fluctuate, he said, “I’d like to do my best not to get ahead of myself and focus on one hole first, one day at a time.” I prepared myself so that I would not waste what I learned from Woods. (Noda City, Chiba Prefecture / Misao Ishii)



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