Parents who have been shocked thinking that the child has left home to work for 19 years, no news. The truth is lying at the back of the house.

tears of shocked parents Thought the son had left the house to work for 19 years, no news, thought he was busy, the truth “sleeping at the back of the house”

October 5, 2022 ETtoday reveals a shocking story from a family. who lives in Hebei province, China. Suddenly father and mother learned the truth about their son after 19 years. They understood that the son had left home to work. thinking very busy So he didn’t call back, but it seems he’s always at the back of the house.

According to local media reports, the father and mother couple have two sons, the eldest son is cheerful and witty. As he grew up, he had a family and a stable life. His parents were only worried about the youngest son. So help me make a blind date to find a suitable woman to marry. not expecting that This would be the worst decision of their lives…

this son’s wife He was arrogant and liked to control his life. after marriage She showed aggressive and furious behavior. Often scolded and hit her husband. Until later, the two of them quarreled more intensely. and began to separate

Even in 1996, when father and mother visited their son at home. but the daughter-in-law said He went to work elsewhere because of an argument. Although parents still have doubts in their hearts. but thinking nothing serious but after This son never came home. or hear any news from him until 19 years have passed

murder case, strange case

The father and mother were still trying to make up their minds. With the understanding that the son must be very busy or want to live independently Until one day in 2015, father and mother went to the old house where the son used to live with his wife. to repair the house But then back to the shock of life When the skeleton was dug up in the back yard they are very scared So, inform the police immediately.

After the officers carried out the inspection they managed to identify the deceased and confirmed that the owner of the skeleton found was the youngest son of the family, and of course the most suspected person was their daughter-in-law

during the investigation At first the deceased’s wife claimed that she doesn’t know But she said back and forth. So they caught her lying. until finally, when he can’t stand the pressure He pleaded guilty in the end.

murder case, strange case

He said the two had a fierce fight. She was strangled by her husband. In anger, he used a rope to strangle him until his last breath. before burying the body in the back yard and claiming that the husband had gone to work

When the truth of the case was revealed the woman shed tears of remorse and admitted, “I’m sorry. I was really sorry then.”

After the story was published online. It has become an issue that has caused widespread public shock. A marriage that was thought to have ended happily. Finally ending up in the grave…

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