Park Yeon-soo, what happened to her daughter Song Ji-ah? “Next time, don’t go. I will take all my connections and watch over them.”

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Actress Park Yeon-soo (43, photo) was angry about what happened to her daughter Song Ji-ah (15), who is active as a golf player.

On the 3rd, Park Yeon-soo posted a long post on her Instagram, saying, “It hurts so much, but I want to laugh,” and “This is our life too.”

Regarding her daughter Song Ji-ah, Park Yeon-soo said, “I taught him to smile politely even when he was angry while playing golf, and he taught me to be more humble, take care of people around me always and be polite. revelation

He continued, “Even if our parents who have nothing to do gnaw at us with unimaginable words, we have been walking our own path with perseverance.” “I really want to ask. How polite and good are you? Have you ever had a chat with us?” he said, voicing a sense of injustice.

In addition, he warned, “This time it happened for the first time in three years, so I passed it on, but next time I will never skip it.

He further said, “I will certainly watch over you. Every time we play, I’ll tell you everything so everyone can watch it.” He said, “If you see any dishonest behaviour, call a member of the competition committee on the spot. That’s the common sense of the game. Don’t call me after you leave the stadium!” he added.

On the other hand, Park Yeon-soo married Song Jong-guk (45), a former national soccer player, in 2006, but divorced in 2015. They had a daughter, Ji-ah Song, and a son, Ji-wook Song. Yang Jia is currently working as a junior golfer, and Ji Wook hopes to become a soccer player in the future.

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