The ‘sight’ model will not spare the criminal either; This is not a movie’; CI says

There have been many instances of Drishyam being killed and buried before and after the film. But after the movie Drishyam, such murders became more popular. Hide the man and hide the body in such a way that there is no evidence. Killings that resort to the method of eliminating all other remains have been seen more and more since the film. The latest example of this is that the body of a missing youth from Alappuzha was found hidden inside a house and fixed with cement.

Last day, Bindumon’s body was found in Muthukumar’s rented house in Poovath AC Colony, Changanassery. Bindumon was summoned and killed. After that, the Alappuzha police reached the house in Changanassery on Friday evening after checking the location of Muthu’s mobile phone. The police noticed that parts of the concrete floor on the slope next to the kitchen had been laid with fresh cement. Yesterday, the floor was demolished and the body was found. The pool was two feet below ground level. There have been similar cases of killing and burial in Kerala. All such cases have been proven. In this context, Alappuzha North CI MK Rajesh, who took part in the investigation into Drishyam’s model murder, says:

Drishyam’s model murders think he will not be proven. But that only happens in movies. Mohanlal was saved because he covered up the murder in the film. Think about it another way, if Mohanlal is the investigating officer in the film, surely murder will not be proven? Imitating the same after watching the movie is stupid. In real life, the police have specific methods to prove such murders. The police can find the accused on the basis of scientific evidence. As an investigating officer, the scene didn’t seem like much of an incident to me. There are loopholes to test in the first half of the case. If Georgekutty comes before the real police, that case will definitely be proved. All the cases done on Drishyam’s model proved that. – CI MK Rajesh said.

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