TMB Thanachart joins forces with Thanachart Insurance Introduces “Single Motor 1, full rate” EV insurance to penetrate the bancassurance market

TMB Thanachart or TTB together with Thanachart Insurance A strong insurance partner Penetrating the market Bank Assurance Introducing EV insurance to accept the growing trend of electric cars. Development of car insurance type 1 “Motor 1 Full Single Rate”, expansion of additional guarantees for hybrids and EVs to support the TTB car loan customer base, which is the leader in the car loan market. Focusing on providing better insurance than general 1st class insurance, giving customers confidence to drive. Take care of covering the vehicle and driver including property if stolen with compensation in case of hospitalization and compensation for travel expenses when the car is repaired with premiums starting at just 25,300 baht, by revealed that it aims to increase the warranty on many EV models in the future Meet the needs of customers to live according to the plan they want. Have a better financial life today and in the future.

Mr. Chawanon Winittrongchit Deputy CEO Head of Product Management, Business Partners, Individual Customers TMB Thanachart or TTB said that the popularity of hybrid electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) in Thailand has continued to rise. According to data from the TTB Center for Economic Analysis, sales of electric passenger cars in 2022 reached 8.4 thousand units, or a growth of 539.7 percent compared to the same period in 2021, which is the highest on record. by virtue of the measures to promote the production of electric vehicles in the country According to the trend of electric vehicles that meet the needs of consumers worldwide in terms of price and battery technology. Including the price of crude oil which is consistently high Using an EV will help save living costs However, due to the relatively new EVs, the insurance business group has reached through banking channels. (Bank Assurance) also has few options for electric car insurance. Therefore, the bank developed electric car insurance as a solution to meet the needs of customers in order to have a better financial life.

“TMB Thanachart joins Thanachart Insurance. A key partner in non-life insurance in developing electric car insurance products to respond to the growing trend of electric cars in Thailand. Car insurance type 1, motor, 1 single, full rate, which extends to provide additional guarantees for electric vehicles, EV and PHEV brands HAVAL, MG and VOLVO, with premiums starting at only 25,300 baht, will receive a response good from the market. fast growing electric car especially from the bank’s car loan customer base. by offering financial solutions through over 600 TTB branches across the country. And in the future, the bank plans to expand the insurance for other electric vehicles as well. to meet the needs of customers to live according to the plan they want,” said Mr Chawanon.

Mrs said Wichinee Oraphan, Chief Sales Officer, Thanachart Insurance Public Company Limited, from discussions with TTB Thanachart Insurance has researched electric vehicle insurance products in the market. and developing type 1 “Motor 1 Full Single Rate” car insurance to support electric vehicle vehicles as this group of customers were found to have 2 main concerns, clarity of insurance premiums. Therefore, the standard premium is designed to be the same price for all models to make it easy for customers to make purchasing decisions. don’t wait to calculate The other part is the usability concern which is not the same as a petrol car, such as the car not being able to function while driving. Therefore, there is a 24 hour roadside assistance service. In addition, after a car accident attention is added to give customers more peace of mind. with income compensation for drivers and passengers during a hospital stay at 1,500 baht per day, no more than 30 days, up to 7 people whether wrong side or right side and if you want a car to use during the repairs Collaborate with leading partners to recommend quality car rental services at special prices. It is a coverage upgrade that gives more customers from the main coverage.

“Thanachart Insurance is ready to take care of all types of car insurance customers. So, I want customers to have electric cars. Confident that you will receive good care in accordance with Thanachart Insurance standards. You can report an accident through the “Thanachart Insurance” Official Account Line 24 hours a day, click to report a claim and send the location of the accident. it will be convenient Get service work as soon as possible from the War Room, which has staff specially trained and knowledgeable about EV technology to give advice and support, and coordinate with the customer’s car service center to bring the car in for repairs too. And if you need to use a forklift, slide truck, the staff will contact you immediately. There is also a Meet and Care service, which is a special service, free of charge. Providing a personal assistant for customers to take care of the car rather than liaising with the service center Informing the status of all repairs including helping to check the quality of the repairs before delivering the car back to the customer as well,” said Ms Wichinee .

In the future, Thanachart Insurance will also prepare to take care of more electric vehicles. Therefore, there is a program to improve the electric vehicle repair service with more than 500 connected car garages throughout the country to support and respond to government policies that want to drive more people to use electric cars. All TTB customers are assured of the best insurance experience from Thanachart Insurance.

Electric car customers interested in car insurance type 1 “Motor 1 Single Full Rate” now available for sale. from today More details can be found at and convenient TTB branches or ttb contact center call 1428

• Buyers should understand insurance details, conditions and exclusions before deciding to buy insurance each time.
• Insured by the company. Thanachart Insurance Public Company Limited
• TMB Bank Thanachart Public Company Limited is an insurance broker and is responsible as a broker only.

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