“Two Sirat”, former lover of “Ploy Horwang”, handsome, Sir Cool, unusual acting style.

After an ex-boyfriend “Plo Horwang” come out and say yes “finish” with “Two Sirat” or “Two Sirat Inthachot” For a long time, becauseHands 3-4-5 “I’ll be short, he has a 3rd hand (4th, 5th) He’s finished in 3rd place. On the hillside, I’ve got nothing. And he’s He’s a friend. The person I know is my sister.” And continues to say, “The 3rd, 4th, 5th time, it’s probably unacceptable, hyung. The first time we met Juk, I wanted to talk about this. I’m tired of this too.”

“It didn’t end well, but I kept asking how it was. We have known each other for a long time, we have a relationship, so we ask, that’s all, we don’t forgive, just ask. (Can we be friends today?) We only know each other (shaking our heads) There are repetitions, shouldn’t there be? It’s like we gave him a second chance, he didn’t. Someone close to you too? Something like this (nods) Now I have family, sisters and friends, and a cat is the best love position. I have to get back to loving myself a lot. You don’t have to give love to others. (Isn’t it open?) You have to open it. You can flirt (laughs) Anyone can take care of it. Be careful to support each other I have to be like, don’t get stuck if we can adjust the mindset. We can move on. be with yourself as much as possible with friends and make sure we do our best Don’t trust people so easily. If netizens help dig It’s up to you to bring in other hands. Let’s go.”

for “Two Sirat” or “Two Sirat Inthachot” ex girlfriend “Plo Horwang” is one of the actors fromPopular movies 4 occupational kings 90s in the previous episode “Ek Buranaphan”, familiar faces with music videos and several commercials. And the work that made him known is a short film advertisement. The Only One of the 1 Card and a music video fake ohLula and the band POTATOES Two have had their first film acting work, Die Tomorrow ohSouth Nawapol Later, Tu starred in the film. App War graduating from high schoolYsgol y Wawr Bachelor’s Degree from the Faculty of Communication Arts Chulalongkorn University

"Two Sirats" ex girlfriend "Ploy Horwang" Handsome, sir, cool, extraordinary acting style.

"Two Sirats" ex girlfriend "Ploy Horwang" Handsome, sir, cool, extraordinary acting style.

"Two Sirats" ex girlfriend "Ploy Horwang" Handsome, sir, cool, extraordinary acting style.

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