Two years after the release of PS5, the first cracked video released a PS4 installable file | 4 Gamers

Although the PlayStation 5 has been out of stock for about two years, there have recently been verifiable videos showing that the PS5 has been cracked, and hackers have successfully performed “jailbreak” behavior on the PS5.

PlayStation modder Lance McDonald has released a video showing access to the Debug menu page, which is inaccessible to ordinary users, and a file package (.PKG) that can be installed on the PS4 by itself.

Foreign media PSLS believes that although the current jailbreak is still not stable enough, there are already some cases where it can be used, which means that the day of full cracking is not too far away. According to, a website specializing in jailbreaking and cracking, the vulnerability can currently be used to read/write code, but not to execute it. said it exploited a Webkit vulnerability to allow ordinary users to access the kernel. And this vulnerability is not newly discovered, but it has been a while, this vulnerability also affects PS4, this jailbreak method can work on PS5 below system version 4.03.

Anyway, the next step is to see how Sony moves. But players are still reminded not to try to escape, to avoid breaking the host or being locked.

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