Why did Ashwati become my favorite…? Namitha Pramod says..!

Namitha Pramod tells why the character in the movie Eesho is my favourite. The actress played the role of Ashwati in the film. Namitha Pramod says Ashwathi’s role in the movie Iso will always be my favourite. Namitha also says that there is a little fear as well as a lot of excitement.

The actor has opened up about the same and shared a video on his social media page. Namitha says that for the first time there was tension while playing the role of a lawyer..how to do that..but later it all changed. First I knew about this movie.. Nadirshika is doing a movie like this … But I didn’t know about the story and characters … Initially her character was very small in the movie .

But later Nadirshika developed the character. Later they asked me if I could do this.. Of course I took up this role with great joy.. This film was like joining a family for me. Namitha says Nadirshika and Jayetan are like family members to me.

Directed by Nadirsha and starring Jayasurya, the film was released on the OTT platform. The film is getting a good response.

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