Yoo Seung-min points to the controversy surrounding the president’s visit to the United States, “How can I trust you?”

Reporter Yoon Chang-won
During a tour of the United States, former lawmaker Yoo Seung-min, who was a member of the People’s Powers, mentioned President Yoon Seok-yeol’s controversy over profanity and the Korea-US currency exchange, and pointed out how he can gain trust if he is not honest and tries to hide his incompetence.

On the 25th, former lawmaker Yoo criticized President Yoon’s explanation of profanity on his Facebook page, saying, “There is nothing worse than a lie.”

“It’s not ‘Biden’, it’s ‘Blow it’, not ‘American guys,’ but ‘Korean guys’, but the presidential office confirmed that to President Yoon. I had to doubt it,” he pointed out.

“The naked king is just an object of ridicule,” said former lawmaker Yoo.

In addition, when the former head of the economy said, “Korea-US currency exchange will be discussed,” it was expected that the Korea-US summit would resolve the IRA (Inflation Reduction Act) and the Korea-US currency exchange issue, but the government did not achieve any results in the end, also additional criticism.

Former Representative Yoo said, “We can’t even talk about the Korea-US currency exchange, and now the Deputy Prime Minister for the economy is saying it’s premature. It’s ridiculous to say that the exchange rate is ‘ premature’ when the 1400 rate swap is broken.” Why are you doing a $10 billion money exchange between banks?” he pointed out.

“If you try to hide your incompetence with words that don’t match, you will only lose trust,” he added.

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