Young Ro gives up shooting dead friend Revealing revenge on loan guarantees until the house is seized – news

Young Ro surrenders shooting a dead friend Revealing revenge on loan guarantees until the house is confiscated before escaping into the forest to inform the village chief to surrender

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On October 1, 2022, a reporter in Chiang Mai reported that from the case at 6:00 pm on September 29, 2022, there was a fatal shooting on the road in Pa Village, Village No. 14, Ban Luang Subdistrict, Chom Thong District of inspection physical There is a shotgun bullet hole in the chest and scattered across the chest, a total of 12 holes.

Knowing the name of the deceased is Mr Kantaphon Loon Lawan, formerly Mr Kajornsak Loon Lawan, 40 years old, a villager in Pa Village, 14 Tambon Ban Luang, Cho Thong District. The gun knows the name is Mr Chan, 40 years old. An employee in a sub-district municipality in Saraphi district, Chiang Mai province, after the incident. Regarding the case, the deceased borrowed money from the bank and gave a guarantee to Mr Chan. finally don’t pay making Mr. Chan troubled causing dissatisfaction and shot a gun to death

Until October 1, 2022, Mr Chan, the accused, contacted the police to surrender. By saying that he fled to the forest, suffering a lot. Therefore, the head of the village was coordinated to surrender himself by Pol Col Satasak Phimonthip, Superintendent of Chom Thong Police Station. And the investigative team went to pick up Mr Chan Maiboonma, aged 44, who was brought to the investigating officer to prosecute him.

From the investigation, the accused knew that They were both from the same village. Growing up together and being best friends He came to work as an employee in a sub-regional municipality in the Saraphi area, and later, Mr Kajonsak borrowed a lump sum from the bank. Mr Chan is the guarantor of the loan. But Mr Kajonsak did not pay the bank debt.

So the bank sought the debt with Mr. Chan, the guarantor, and seized Mr Chan’s house. who bought a house in Chiang Mai This caused Mr. Chan very angry. when setting up with a family but it had to be confiscated until he had to come out to rent a house Mr. returned. Kajonsak to live in his hometown.

Until Mr Chan returned home to Mr Kajonsak. Found Mr Kajonsak walking on the road in the village. So he shot and killed Mr Kajonsak, then fled, telling his relatives that he was the culprit. they will solve the problem on their own After the incident, he fled into the forest. Finally, unable to bear it, he contacted the head of the village to surrender himself.

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